A downloadable game for Windows

What Is It?

An interaction system made in Unity which is fully driven by Rigidbody Physics. Objects have a simulated feeling of weight and maintain collision with other objects even when grabbed.



Slow Motion: A.

Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / Y (left hand).

Jump: Left Thumbstick Click.

Secondary Locomotion Actions: Touch Right Thumbstick and swing your arms to run while moving forward, and slide by physically crouching while running.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. 'A' button to select.


Slow Motion: Right Touchpad Up Press.

Eject Magazine: Right Touchpad Down Press (right hand) / Left Touchpad Down Press (left hand).

Jump: Left Touchpad Press.

Secondary Locomotion Actions: Hold Right Menu button and swing your arms to run while moving forward, and slide by physically crouching while running.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Touchpad Left/Right Press.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. Trigger button to select.


Hold down the Left Menu button while looking straight ahead to calibrate height.

Tapping either side of your head opens/closes the HUD. 'A' / Right Menu button to read messages.

Press the red button to spawn enemy.

Known Issues

  • Index and Windows Mixed Reality controllers are not supported (yet).
  • Hitting the enemy with the floating cube has no effect.
  • Projectiles may sometimes be invisible.
  • The IK, especially at the wrists, is janky.
  • Changing resolution scale requires a restart to take effect.
  • Sorry for the very small and basic level but I'm trying to spend my time wisely and focusing on designing the levels of the actual game instead.

Coming Soon

  • Full Character Physics (Custom Active Ragdoll Solution) for player and enemies.
  • Custom IK Solution for natural body movements.
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TagsPhysics, Virtual Reality (VR)


Physics Playground - Build #9 266 MB
Physics Playground - Build #8 (Legacy) 249 MB

Development log


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Would you be willing to tell me the basics of a cylinder grip? I hear you and Nimsony talk about it and I dont get the concept. What is it exactly?

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A "cylinder grab" is basically allowing you to grab anywhere along the Y axis of an object. Instead of having a predetermined Y-axis hand grab position you make the hand grab the object dynamically based on where the hand is relative to the object. The object doesn't necessarily have to be cylinder shaped.

Oh ok. Thankyou!

Hey could you make a .apk download so i can put it on to the quest / put it onto sidequest that would make this even bigger than it is and wow good work for what you have done (with what im thinking that is about a month after bone works was announced ) the quality is amazing keep up the good work ( :

I definitely plan on bringing it to Quest (on SideQuest for free). I don't have a Quest yet but hopefully i'll be getting one soon so I can work on optimizing it for mobile. Thanks!

Super cool! Was this made completely from the ground up? If not could you tell me the assets used in the game please? Thanks

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I used VRIK for the Player IK, and I used PuppetMaster for the Dummy ragdoll. Everything else is built from the ground up, including the player controller, AI, physics and weapon interactions, etc.

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Oh sweet. How are you dealing with player collisions with the floor? Im using raycasting for floor detection and its not going so well. Im trying to make it so the player just hovers at a fixed height. Im curious what your solution is.

I SphereCast down from the center of the player body/capsule collider - the SphereCast has the same radius as the players capsule collider. The SphereCast LayerMask is only set to look for the ground layer.

Check out the Rigidbody First Person Controller from the Unity Standard Assets, it has a good example and can get you started.

Interesting, thanks for the replies.

Nice work!  However, seems like world floor level is not match with the game. The character's height is absolute. when I press reset height, the character's height doesn't change. but ground level has change. Can you make an option that choose fix ground level or fix character's height level?  I prefer character height match with my real height. 

Hi, thanks! The difference in height is intentional so that all players have the same experience regardless of their own height, or if they're standing or sitting. I wanted it so that you play a character (of a certain height) instead of you playing as yourself.

I will consider alternative options, but no promises!

it breaks immersion to me.  I hope to see option for fix floor level. 

I will definitely experiment with scaling the character to your real height.

is there a way to get more mags cause after like 10 secs im out of mags or am i just stupid and is it there already

The enemy dummy drops more magazines when they die. Alternatively, you can enable No Limits mode for unlimited ammo and slow motion by pressing the L key on your keyboard when the window is focused.

Any plans on Windows Mixed Reality Controller support?

I'm planning to add support for WMR controllers in the next major build, along with Index controller support.


This is really enjoyable! Build 9 makes it so much more fun! Can't wait for the full release!

What's password for ZIP ?

There shouldn't be any password necessary for the ZIP. However, I just uploaded a new build, #9. Give that a try.

Very good! There's much fun with "No limits" mode. But can you please do the feature,When you can enable this mod in game Menu?

Are you looking for help? i am interested in advanced VR works like this

Thanks for your interest! I'm not looking for any help at the moment as I'm busy working on another unrelated project.

Aight, if you decide to make anything out of this than hmu man. Make a boneworks 2.0 lmao.

He's making it...I think so!

Are we going to get knuckles controls soon since people are getting their kits now?

As soon as I can get my hands on an Index kit I will work on its support. At the moment I can't buy it because it's not available for purchase in my country, so I will have to wait for Valve to open up availability.

You can change your county in Steam,and order it.


This is insane

Thanks! More to come in future.


When are you planning on releasing your own game? I would love to play it, because it's just like BoneWorks and I really am excited to play that also. This year, or the next?

Oof, that's a tough question to answer at the moment as I am currently busy with another project, but most likely next year. I've been learning a lot though so my game will be even greater!


Hello! The physics in this game look very similar to the ones in Boneworks. Are you somehow associated with that project? Your prototype looks very interesting!


Hi! I was inspired by the first Boneworks video but I'm not associated with it. Thanks for your interest!


Thank you alot! It worked

I have a issue sadly. There is a problem and , when I start the game it freezes and just crashes. Im also playing on Oculus rift

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having problems. Try running the game as administrator. Let me know how it goes.

It didnt work. Tho It worked befor I dont know what the problem is

Hey again. Try deleting the PhysicsPlayground save folder located in C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany

You may need to show hidden folders to see the AppData folder.


Hey exo how do i switch maps on the game? also if u want try and add little headcrab things and an axe to chop them up xdddd


Hi. Unfortunately there are no other maps. This is solely a tech demo to demonstrate my physics driven interaction system, which will be used in an actual game that i'm developing.


That is epic dude and btw good work on the game because i was looking for games like this because the game that i want isnt out yet and this is a great alternative to it and  i hope when u finish the game that everybodys loves it and you are happy with your creation ok i have been here to long ok bye xddddd


Hi nexo just wondering how do i run i can't  figure it out?


On Rift you touch the right thumbstick and swing your arms at the same time.

On Vive you hold the Right (top) menu button and swing your arms at the same time.


Hello I just played this on my samsung odyssey wmr and it works perfectly! Only one thing I would like is to actually be able to kill a spawned enemy or spawn a non-lethal enemy so I can keep playing around inside. Also, I wanted to ask you, I want to use this basic template for some exercises that I want to devise for myself. Is there anyway you can sell this template for non-retail use? If so that would be great and I think its worth alot. Or if you could reccomend something similar that would be great to. Thanks!


I can definitely add an option to spawn a non-violent NPC. I'll look into adding that in a future update.

I do plan to eventually release written tutorials for everything that is shown, and I am also considering releasing as an asset. This won't be until after I release my own game though.
Thanks for your interest!


Thanks that would be great. I would definitely pay a good amount for pack like this that I could customize for my own projects, even 100 bucks or so. Let me know if you are interested. And please yes have a non lethal character! It would be so much funner!

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Hey there, so it took me a long time to try out your demo since you told me about it.

The Physics are pretty nice, feels the presence, also very stable, but the rifle does feel slightly over damped, like moving through water a bit.

A few minor gripes, generally with the movement system (which you'd expect from me I guess :) ), it's probably just me but I've gotten heavily reliant on being able to move pretty fluidly, and having the forward speed much faster than other directions is somewhat confusing when playing.

Additionally the turning (smooth turning mode) is a bit too slow.
The enemy is fast enough walking around me that it takes a long time to smooth turn and follow them while they're walking around the player, of course not a problem for a 360 play space so it's still a minor point.

Body motion is pretty good, especially the foot movement when left to tracking.

I do suggest a physical forearm for this version of your system, it does help with things hitting the hand and pretty much gives you an elbow to push with too, though I understand that you don't want to update the tech demo beyond this. Also I know you're moving to a full ragdoll eventually so it's a non-issue for the future anyways.

Grabs mostly do what you want them to, although there was a point where I "force pulled" and ended up grabbing the front of the rifle. Cylinder grabs are a suggestion, but they really are a pain in the butt to get working right.

Sorry it took me so long to try it out, it's pretty good so far, definitely enough for a game to be built out of it.

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Thanks for checking it out Nim! I have duly noted your feedback.

I've been meaning to lower the dampening for the rifle but I keep forgetting to do it!

Smooth rotation is one thing that still makes me slightly sick to this day which is why I haven't tested it much. What you say makes sense and I'll up the default value and add an option in the menu too.

Your are correct in assuming that I'm waiting till I get the full ragdoll ready to prevent clipping with other body parts. This build is all about the hands and polishing it.

I think I should just prevent distance grabbing from working on already held objects, that should deal with that issue. I technically already use a cylinder grab system.


Smooth rotation is one of the slightly awkward sickness inducers, I can feel it slightly when I'm turning here and I've not that it seems to be mostly due to how much time you spend turning, hence I turned mine all the way up so you can turn really quickly in sort of bursts preventing you from turning for so long (it's noticeable in my videos), I did a simple threshold on the stick so there's 2 speeds half speed and full, gives player a bit more control.

Hopefully you didn't have as much trouble with the lack of Start Rotation Axes when making the cylinder grab as I did. Why do they still not allow changing the joint start rotation.


wmr support when?

The lack of proper WMR controller support is due to the Oculus SDK not supporting WMR trackpads yet. I've been in contact with Oculus dev support so they know about the issue. So I'm waiting for them but if they take too long I'll try to figure something else out, so it's hard to say when. It will get fixed one way or the other.

what did 8.1 add?

Tweaked the Vive wand positions and fixed a couple bugs.

what do you plan to add? more guns would be nice, also i find the enemies take a while to kill. overall it's pretty nice though.

I don't have any plans to add more content to this tech demo. Right now I'm just polishing the whole system. It's going to used in an actual game, a cyberpunk shooter, which I'm also working on.

However, in the future I will be moving onto creating a full character physics system for the player, where I dynamically simulate the actual character muscles based on the object being held in a realistic way. Stay tuned for that!

What is the difference between b7 and b7r1?


b7r1 has options to change the position offset for Vive wands. It's a temporary build for my Vive testers so they can give me the right settings (I don't have a Vive).

Alright, thanks for the info. Also this demo is awesome I'm looking forward to seeing what a full game with these mechanics could be. 


Thanks for the feedback! I will be using this system for a sci-fi/cyberpunk shooter that I'm developing.

That sounds amazing!


Agh I wish I would have thought of that, trying to get the damn vive wands rotated and positioned right in relationship to my default hand targets has been a real pain.  Nice going!


The idea actually came from one of my Vive testers. This will be so much better than using screenshots to guesstimate the position.