A downloadable game for Windows and Android

What Is It?

This is a tech demo for an interaction system made in Unity which is fully driven by Rigidbody Physics. Objects have a simulated feeling of weight and maintain collision with other objects even when grabbed. Some of the tech presented in this demo may be used in other games that I am working on.

What Other Games?

From Stonepunk Studios:

Default Controls


Slow Motion: A.

Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / Y (left hand).

Jump: Right Thumbstick Click.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. 'A' button to select.


Slow Motion: A (right hand).

Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / B (left hand).

Jump: Right Thumbstick Click.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right.

Menu: Left Hand 'A' button to open. Right Hand 'A' button to select.


Slow Motion: Right Touchpad Up Press.

Eject Magazine: Right Touchpad Down Press (right hand) / Left Touchpad Down Press (left hand).

Jump: Left Touchpad Press.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Touchpad Left/Right Press.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. Trigger button to select.

Known Issues

  • Melee/stabbing is buggy and incomplete, still a work in progress.
  • Smooth turning is not working in SteamVR mode.
  • No default binding for Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

    Coming Soon

    • Melee Improvements.
    • Full Body Physics.
    Updated 19 days ago
    PlatformsWindows, Android
    TagsPhysics, Virtual Reality (VR)


    Physics Playground - Build #11.1 (PC) 331 MB
    Physics Playground - Build #11.1 (Quest) 286 MB
    Physics Playground - Build #10 (PC Legacy) 325 MB
    Physics Playground - Build #10 (Quest Legacy) 279 MB

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    (1 edit)

    when is the next update going to come out?

    yeah so i played one of the early builds and i tryed to play it again but it was really laggy at unplayable rates my gpu was maxed it never stopped untill i closed it please help

    Hi. What is your in-game resolution scale set to?

    do you know whats the next updates going to be about?

    Melee improvements and a full physics body.

    are you gonna update it more?

    In a couple months, yes.

    letss gooo

    is there more things that could be added in the next update?

    It's possible but can't say what as the focus will be on Full Body Physics which will need my full attention.

    Hey Exo! I just wanted to know what you plan next for this game so I can get excited for it! Also I LOVE the new update. Keep up the good work!

    The next update will have melee improvements and full body physics for climbing, platforming and puzzles.

    Exo Love The Playground Just Asking When Is The Next Update Im Aware U said Its Almost Ready So like In A Few Hours Or A Day Or Two

    Hopefully later today.

    Unfortunately I ran into some issues with both the PC and Quest version so i'm delaying, will try again tomorrow.


    any idea what time?


    It doesn't work like that so I can't say. As soon as I fix all the issues I will upload it.


    cmon lets get this thing rolling again Exo


    Lets try not to rush him. He needs his time and we should respect that! I like the enthusiasim though.

    The ball has rolled. It's out on SideQuest and here right now!


    Ya dont rush him we will put it out soon 


    It's out now on SideQuest and here.


    whats going on with the melee update?

    It's almost ready.


    mans really be needing this update ting

    i know right really looking forward to it

    Look no further, it's out now!

    Indeed. It's out now!


    No update for sidequest?

    I'm holding off on a new Quest build until I get most of the melee bugs fixed.


    Please bring it out as soon as possible cant wait

    The next update, which should be the one, shouldn't take too long.

    on another note, is there some way to contact you privately? itch does not have a private message system..

    bryant @ stonepunkstudios.com

    i love this, my only issue is with the quest, the weapons feel like they are floating when equipped. snapping onto the enemy with the rifle in particular is really odd because it moves so slowly. the pistol is more manageable.

    Other than that, love it so far. keep up the good work :)

    I discovered a physics issue that affected the physics of all objects causing them to move slower or faster depending on the headset refresh rate, and Quest being on lower end caused everything, including player movement, to be slower.

    I have fixed the issue so everything should perform equally on all headset as I originally intended in the next update.

    cool, thanks for that, love playing it just to have fun :) this will likely make me have even more fun :D

    Are you going to add WMR support?

    Yes I will be, but I won't be able to include default SteamVR Input bindings.

    Where is the melee update

    It's still being worked on, don't worry.

    Unplayable on WMR. I can handle binding my own controllers, but the MK18 freezes in place when i pick it up unless I'm using focus, the pistol's position is way above the actual controller, movement of the arms and locomotion are like moving through molasses, and telekinesis is just completely broken.


    Hey there. Sorry to hear that you are having issues on WMR. It seems there is an issue in detecting the refresh rate for WMR headsets resulting in the wrong physics rate being applied, causing those issues.

    I'll hopefully have it fixed for the next build.

    Is your cyberpunk style game going to come to quest?

    I would love to have it on Quest. In it's current state it doesn't run well even on PC so I will need to rethink the design.

    how's the melee for oculus quest doing


    (1 edit)

    It's coming along slowly... I've been fully focused on the other projects that I'm working on so I haven't been able to put much time into this demo.

    thats sad this game is such a great game for quest even as a demo

    can you make a free unity asset pack containing prefabs of the models.

    (2 edits)

    The models I use for this demo are already available on the Unity Asset Store, and they are not free.

    (1 edit)

    i meant like prefabs with the scripts that allow you to like grab on top of a block and climb it.  like maybe a unity asset pack that just contans the scripts, or something

    (1 edit)

    I have no plans to release the scripts used in this demo because they will be used in other games that i'm working on. I may eventually release some written tutorials.

    This was obviously inspired by Boneworks, correct? Nothing wrong with that of course. Love the game!

    The original "Best VR Guns" video from Node is one of main inspirations for starting game development as a whole, along with the cool physics stuff that Nimsony was doing.

    Yeah. I wish I had the willpower to finish developing a game. Keep up the great work, this looks really cool!

    Are there plans to make mixed reality support in the future?

    There are no plans for mixed reality support but I wouldn't rule it out for the future.

    (1 edit)

    Is there going to be a non vr version!??

    just curious.

    There are no plans for a non-VR version.

    I didn't realize until playing this Demo, how much fun you can have with just basic physics alone. I am blown away with this. You did a great job developing this and i can't wait to see new features, weapons and "things to do" like levels or something. that'd be cool.

    Keep up the good work Bro!

    Thank you!

    Since this is always going to simply be a tech demo I don't plan on expanding it too much, but more fun stuff to play around with will definitely get added.

    this game is great the physics and detail are good.

    some things i would like are melee(coming soon)

    extra rooms/envirments

    more weapons(would love)

    but other than that its the most greatiest

    game on quest

    (1 edit)

    Eventually there will be other rooms, such as one for random objects that aren't weapons, and another for platforming/climbing.

    that would be cool and are you using these to make a actual game

    Some things may be used in the games that i'm working on with Stonepunk Studios, such as Tarzan VR and Primordian.

    Hi Exo, I have just discovered you project here and I am blown away looking at the potential of this project. You have seriously done an amazing job, well done sir.

    I actually just joined itch.io just to get in touch with you. Not just to to say how good a job you have done, but also to connect with you on a more professional level. I see a lot of great things that can be done with a system like this, so I would love to pick your brain some more about it.

    Thank you kind sir! We will be in touch through email.

    This is one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever seen. I strapped on my pistol, grabbed my M4 and headed into the room. Fully confident I would be able to ice the homie headed towards me. I unloaded an entire magazine into IT'S chest, but to my horror, he kept advancing towards me, his gun in hand. I dove behind a wall trying to conceal myself to reload. My hands were shaking as I tried to reload, but it was difficult to grab the magazine off my hip as I was crouched, and then I couldnt charge the handle in time. I stood up to fire and the absolutely terrifying dummy was 1 foot in front of me, gun outstretched. He pulled the trigger.

    11/10, would be terrified again. OP, please create horror survival mode. 


    Haha! If you're brave enough in the next update you'll be able to grab them and beat them in the head or bash their head into the wall to stop them.

    Do you have any sort of idea when the melee update will be avaliable for download for the Oculus Quest. I just like this game so much I can't wait lol.


    Hard to say. All I can say is soon™.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    This is definitely my new favourite game for the quest. The physics are amazing and delivers a incredibly immersive experience, I have even showed this to friends and family to show the power of vr. Amazing work. I'm just wondering if the blunt and penetrable weapons update is coming to the quest as it sounds fantastic. Cant wait to get back to playing this, thanks if you do read!


    I am humbled!

    The melee update is definitely coming to Quest, I plan to have feature parity always.

    Here's a little sneak peek that I recorded on PC: 


    Looks amazing, so happy you responded!

    First of all I want to say, that this is one of my favorite games on my Oculus Quest now.
    I would like to recommend some more weapons like a shotgun or P90 type weapon. Also if it was possible to spawn multiple dummys at a time. There are also some glitches where if you are grabbing the dummy, it sometimes starts spinning and its body gets disconnected and it goes out of the map. Other than that I have been getting my hands stuck to the gun, but you have mentioned that. Also I feel like you should change the menu select button to trigger instead of the "a" button. I feel like when you turn your focus on and you have "No Limits" turned on then your view should change to like a blue tint or something. I also love the feature that you can boost your self up over objects with your hands! It would be cool to have some more objects to do that with. Thanks for reading this if you do!


    Wow! That's an honor!

    Grabbing the dummy is actually a secret feature, it's still an early work in progress. Same goes with lifting yourself up.

    Years of playing console/gamepad games has trained me that the 'A' button is normally used for UI interaction.

    Visual effects for slow motion and getting hit will be coming in the next build!

    As for weapons, the next update will focus on melee weapons. After that I will look into adding other weapons.

    Do you have any idea when the next version will be released?

    Hey man, This game is so cool, and I got a few questions.

    1) Are you planing on further devlopment for the quest?

    2) If so what kinda of updates are you going to add?

    3) Is there going to be any major updates?

    1) I will be adding more content to this.

    2) I have a melee update planned, with blunt and penetrable weapons.

    3) I have some major things planned, but they are more technical behind the scenes kind of things, such as custom full character physics for the player and enemies.

    Hey, This is an awesome little game so far! I love the physics. I don't know if this is an error of some kind but the quest builds options don't work, And I dont know if im just short at 5' 6" but the player is way taller than me so it always looks like I'm crouched. just a little feedback but I thought it might be useful. I do love the game though!

    (2 edits)

    Which options don't work? For this first build Graphics and Audio options are disabled on purpose.

    If you hold down the Left Menu button for half a second (while looking straight ahead) your in-game height will scale to that of the character.


    Thanks so much! the options menu is not bugged sorry i was ignorant and expected the trigger to be select. This fixed my experience completely! Thanks!


    I am very happy to see you still updating the game and making it the best it can be thank you for making this

    Ok i am in love with this demo but i have one question how did you the two hand grabbing motion i am using vrtk and it is not as precise as yours? 

    Hey there! The left and right hand deltas are basically combined into one rotational delta. I'm not using VTRK but what I did was get the forward direction of the secondary hand to the primary hand and convert it to a LookRotation while also inputting the primary hand rotation for Z rotation, which is then converted to the rotational delta to be applied to the rigidbody.

    ok thanks

    Hi! This is super cool man. How are you creating the physical hands? Because I know just snapping a collider on the hands wont cut it. Whats your solution and way around this? 

    I have a separate object that has a rigidbody and box collider that is the size of the hands and I make it follow the controller by directly controlling the rigidbody velocity primarily based on the deltas.

    (1 edit)

    Do you move it using "rb.velocity = new Vector3(something something something)"?

    (3 edits)

    Basically, yes. It moves the object in a certain direction at a certain speed based on various variables, then stops when it has reached the target position/rotation.

    How do you tell it where to go? Like what would you write to make a object move by Vector3?

    The Unity Documentation has a lot of helpful information to get you started:




    so not that i know how ANYTHING works, but simply for the sake of questioning, is there any possible chance this might be formatted and adjusted for quest? if not total understandable just wondering. thanks, looks great!


    I plan to port to Quest as soon as I get my Quest devkit from Oculus! It will need to undergo some optimizations for it to perform well.

    OH AWESOME, you guy are super amazing, i look forward to enjoying your hard work!

    A Quest build is now available! You can get it in the downloads or on SideQuest.

    I KNOW! I am super excited and super amazed at what is in here. it looks and feels amazing! Great job! Do you plan on making any updates on this at all (just wondering)

    hey, i installed the game and pressed the reset button, now whenever i launch the game freezes

    Hi. Try deleting the save data folder located at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\PBVR\PhysicsPlayground

    thanks man will try

    Hey Exo, I'm having a great time with this demo. It feels very nice playing this, the physics and everything work fantastically. I know this isn't a full game, but do you ever plan on adding multiplayer? My friend loves the idea of this game and it'd be very fun to mess around a physics based world with a friend, just slapping the dummies and enemies around. Thanks in advance!

    Hi! I have no plans for multiplayer for this project but I wouldn't rule it out for a future project.

    may I ask exo when is the update for the full physics characters will be

    It will be a while (before the end of the year hopefully) since I have to do R&D on it and i'm also working on a couple other projects.

    great game!! will the valve index controllers ever be implemented? I have them and think it will greatly improve the immersion

    (1 edit)

    Thanks! And yes they will! The next update will bring support for all VR controllers, among other things.

    Would you be willing to tell me the basics of a cylinder grip? I hear you and Nimsony talk about it and I dont get the concept. What is it exactly?

    (2 edits)

    A "cylinder grab" is basically allowing you to grab anywhere along the Y axis of an object. Instead of having a predetermined Y-axis hand grab position you make the hand grab the object dynamically based on where the hand is relative to the object. The object doesn't necessarily have to be cylinder shaped.

    Oh ok. Thankyou!


    Hey could you make a .apk download so i can put it on to the quest / put it onto sidequest that would make this even bigger than it is and wow good work for what you have done (with what im thinking that is about a month after bone works was announced ) the quality is amazing keep up the good work ( :

    I definitely plan on bringing it to Quest (on SideQuest for free). I don't have a Quest yet but hopefully i'll be getting one soon so I can work on optimizing it for mobile. Thanks!

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