A downloadable game for Windows and Android

What Is It?

This is a tech demo for an interaction system made in Unity which is fully driven by Rigidbody Physics. Objects have a simulated feeling of weight and maintain collision with other objects even when grabbed. Some of the tech presented in this demo may be used in other games that I am working on.

What Other Games?

From Stonepunk Studios:

Default Controls


Slow Motion: A.

Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / Y (left hand).

Jump: Right Thumbstick Click.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. 'A' button to select.


Slow Motion: A (right hand).

Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / B (left hand).

Jump: Right Thumbstick Click.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right.

Menu: Left Hand 'A' button to open. Right Hand 'A' button to select.


Slow Motion: Right Touchpad Up Press.

Eject Magazine: Right Touchpad Down Press (right hand) / Left Touchpad Down Press (left hand).

Jump: Left Touchpad Press.

Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Touchpad Left/Right Press.

Menu: Left Menu button to open. Trigger button to select.

Known Issues

  • Melee/stabbing is buggy and incomplete, still a work in progress.
  • Smooth turning is not working in SteamVR mode.
  • No default binding for Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

Coming Soon

  • Full Body Physics.
  • New Interaction System.
  • Melee Improvements.


Physics Playground - Build #11.1 (PC) 331 MB
Physics Playground - Build #11.1 (Quest) 286 MB
Physics Playground - Build #10 (PC Legacy) 325 MB
Physics Playground - Build #10 (Quest Legacy) 279 MB

Development log

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do you have any plans on making this game compatible with wmr headsets


This demo is way better and more impressive than Boneworks.




theres a bug that your (in-game) arm doesn't stretch out to your (IRL) hand if you stretch it longer than the length of the arm. Could you make it so your arm stretches to your hand because when using guns, it's breaks the immersion a bit. 

how do u get on the game on questt


Download Sidequest and follow the instructions.

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Can u do more frequent dev logs it's been 67 days also u should use like a boneworks dummy


I encountered a bug with the assault rifle where you can grasp the grip with both hands and it does what is shown in the video.

How do I get the demo on the quest? Help please

Ok, so basically you should have side quest installed on whatever platofrm you are using. Once you have it installed you can either click the download link above titled Physics Playground - Build #11.1 (PC). Once you have that downloaded drag one of the files (I can't remember which one) into the left hand side of the side quest aplication. You can also open side quest locate to the games section and find a game calld PBVR playground and press install.

you can use sidequest to sideload it

this is supposed to be a tech demo but ive allready played with theese mechanics for hours! i love it

Hi Exo, looking for someone to do some freelance work for the quest, very similar to what you have here. Let me know if you are interested. Paid work obviously. 

Hey. Email me at bryant@stonepunkstudios.com with the details and we'll talk.

Hey Exo!! Im loving this tech demo!

i really do think this is the game on my quest that keeps bringing me back to vr! not going to lie though its really sad when i do my daily check to see that theres never a new update.. could you maybe comment every now and a again to tell us when abouts the next build will release?? thankyou

Fantastic work! Got a VR headset very recently and this was the first thing on my mind to try! The only input I have is that the enemies definately need a limit on that back joint. Pulling off funny wrestling moves in VR is fun, but they are a little wobbly there. Awsome stuff! Maybe I'll learn to make VR content as well.


you should buy boneworks


is it free? this is a great demo for people broke like me

With the Hand Tracking features coming, do you plan on adding an update to support it


For this project no since the hand tracking cannot be used in conjunction with the controllers.

I will probably play around with hand tracking a different project.

How can you start the game. I downloaded the build 11.1 for the pc and can't figure out how to start it. (I am on the oculus rift)

unzip the folder, Open the folder, double left-click on the unity icon that says "Physics Playground" and steam VR should open up with the game.

Does this support WMR?



i have a samsung oddysey+ and i can move my hands but no buttons work also i use WMR any tip

I have hp wmr and a samsung odyssey, both track but bindings appear to be screwed. I think it is ridiculously easy to fix if you know steam vr controller binding syntax, but dev appears to have skipped it.

Since I do not own a WMR headset I cannot create default bindings for it, it doesn't give me the option. It should work if you create your own bindings.

How do I do that?

hello... iam loving your work but i was wondering will the full body physics come this month (year)

thank you 

Hopefully early next year. I want to get it right.


Not to be weird but blood would be a nice touch when you stab a dummy


No plans for blood, but I am considering switching to robot models with sparks and stuff.

i hope the new rag doll thing comes soon also u should get in contact with nimsony his work is really good

For a while now I've been in contact with Nimsony, and the Boneworks devs :)

Deleted 35 days ago

Any progress updates? Would love to hear some news!

I'm still working on this in my spare time but it will be at least a few months before the next update.

Hello, Exo! I love this! What did you end up using from the Unity store? (Final IK, etc.) I am just getting into building a game and I don't want to buy things I don't have to, but want to make sure I am buying the right things that will make it a little easier for me. I don't do much coding, but I can struggle through it as necessary.

Thank you! You are a huge motivation for me.


You should really only buy what you can't make yourself / don't have time to make yourself. 


Hey! I'm really glad that my work is a motivation! For the player IK i'm using VRIK (Final IK) and for the enemy ragdolls i'm using PuppetMaster. I coded my own interaction and locomotion systems.

I totally understand wanting to simply buy assets so you can get straight to making the actual game. I agree with BBonless, but I would also encourage that you start learning to code bit by bit. It can come in handy.


Dear Exo, I love your work on the playground so far: Devs like you really inspire me. How would you recommend getting into VR development (especially with physics shooters like this)? Is there any version of the playground that us fans can edit or customize (in Unity)? Thanks a lot.

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I'm happy that I have inspired you! First I recommend learning the basics of Unity, without VR. Get acclimated with the interface and tools. I would also suggest learning some C# as with coding knowledge you will be able to create whatever you want without relying on store assets, but it's totally fine to resort to them!

After you're comfortable with Unity then you can move onto VR dev. There are some good basic Unity VR tutorials on YouTube, albeit not much for physics because it's still an area being explored experimentally.

I have not made the source code of the playground public as parts of the code are being used in other games.

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has there been any updates if so tell me like

 what everything they have updated or added up to date, im just really curious.

You can check the development log for a list of all the updates and their changes - https://beyondinfiniti.itch.io/theplayground/devlog


may require help, ive played this on mixed reality multiple times before, last time being about 4 months ago. yet, now when i enter the game the controllers seem to track fine but the buttons dont do anything. help me if you can.

Same here and I've tried to set custom bindings in steam vr with no luck.

I've tried legacy because likeI said, this has work before, yet it didnt now, did the developer intensionally remove support for mixed reality?

I'm starting to think so

That's odd, it should be working. I know that it worked with the previous build and nothing has changed input-wise since then. WMR controller support relies completely on the SteamVR Input System which I can confirm works with Index and Vive controllers with the latest build.

Idk for input wize I'm still able to rotate hands and move them with ease. Just non of the buttons work. Maybe steam changed something?

Hey there. You will have to create a binding through the SteamVR Input System. Unfortunately since I do not have a WMR headset I cannot create a default binding for some reason.

Thank you, as I am not home yet, I can't try that out yet. I'll update you when I get the chance to try it out!

Yep, that did it! Now i only have two more issues, one is more of a question. Can you make fists in this demo? I'm on the latest patch. And also I cannot shoot with my right hand as the clip just falls out of my hands when i try to insert it with my left hand. This doesn't happen with my left hand.


how's the work going on?

It's going good. I'm taking my time to get everything as good as possible. There might not be a new update until next year.

That's fine, just make it worth waiting ya know.


i made a account just to ask, what are you working on now and what else are you planing for this demo?


Hey there. I'm currently working on full body physics and a new interaction system. The next build will have more physics objects to play around with.

is it coming to quest as well? i’m very interested to see how it will run compared to index :)


Yes, I plan on bringing all future updates to Quest as well.

yay! thx for the info.


Here are a few ideas in mind that I'd like to see, more things to mess around with like boxes, cans and other stuff that would be cool to mess around with physics, and I'd like to see more guns since our only choices are a pistol and a rifle. I also want more space to play in, all in all the tech demo is really nice and gives my boneworks vibes, Im just here giving recommendations on how to make it better, I'm not  trying to pressure you, and ty for reading my long comment.

+1 on the physics objects


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Could you make it so I can add more bots instead of just 1, maybe have 5 or 10 as a limit? Thank you for making this game. 


I'll see what I can do :)


Thanks :D

Hello, are there any other demo projects for VR ?

I don't know if he has any more demos but he has paid games out.

I don't have any plans for other demos, only updates to this one.

How's that update coming along? Looking forward to new content and melee improvements :)


how is this not for mac HOW IS ITFOR ANDROIDDDDDDDD

Oculus quest uses android

please read the actual description


OK srry dont hurt mea

hey, i was wondering if you could add support for Mixed reality controls.


Unfortunately since I do not have a WMR headset I cannot create default bindings for it. You can however create your own input bindings for it using the SteamVR Input System.

oh ok thanks man

kannst du auch für PS 4 machen

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when is the next update going to come out?

In a couple months. I'm currently working on 2 other projects.

yeah so i played one of the early builds and i tryed to play it again but it was really laggy at unplayable rates my gpu was maxed it never stopped untill i closed it please help

Hi. What is your in-game resolution scale set to?

do you know whats the next updates going to be about?

Melee improvements and a full physics body.

are you gonna update it more?

In a couple months, yes.

letss gooo

is there more things that could be added in the next update?

It's possible but can't say what as the focus will be on Full Body Physics which will need my full attention.

Hey Exo! I just wanted to know what you plan next for this game so I can get excited for it! Also I LOVE the new update. Keep up the good work!

The next update will have melee improvements and full body physics for climbing, platforming and puzzles.

Exo Love The Playground Just Asking When Is The Next Update Im Aware U said Its Almost Ready So like In A Few Hours Or A Day Or Two

Hopefully later today.

Unfortunately I ran into some issues with both the PC and Quest version so i'm delaying, will try again tomorrow.


any idea what time?


It doesn't work like that so I can't say. As soon as I fix all the issues I will upload it.


cmon lets get this thing rolling again Exo


Lets try not to rush him. He needs his time and we should respect that! I like the enthusiasim though.

The ball has rolled. It's out on SideQuest and here right now!


Ya dont rush him we will put it out soon 


It's out now on SideQuest and here.


whats going on with the melee update?

It's almost ready.


mans really be needing this update ting

i know right really looking forward to it

Look no further, it's out now!

Indeed. It's out now!


No update for sidequest?

I'm holding off on a new Quest build until I get most of the melee bugs fixed.


Please bring it out as soon as possible cant wait

The next update, which should be the one, shouldn't take too long.

on another note, is there some way to contact you privately? itch does not have a private message system..

bryant @ stonepunkstudios.com

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