Physics Playground 2 (Sport Mode) FAQ


Q: What is the name of the new game?
A: Sport Mode.

Q: Why is it called Sport Mode and not Physics Playground 2?
A: You can read why on this post.

Q: What platforms is it on?
A: Oculus Quest (App Lab) and PC (Steam).

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $9.99 but the price will increase when more features are added. (You will only have to pay once)

Q: Will there be a story/campaign?
A: No. It will be an arcade-like experience with sandboxes for the creative, arenas for the fighters, puzzles for the problem solvers, and more.

Q: Will there be modding?
A: In Sandbox mode you will be able to modify things like player strength, gravity, and change how the game plays such as time stop,  dismemberment, limited stamina. Custom modding is currently out of scope.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer is currently out of scope.

Q: Will there be human NPCs and gore?
A: No, it does not fit the theme of the game.

Q: What will be in the next update? When will the next update come out?
A: Check the Roadmap to see what's currently being worked on or finished, and an estimated release date.

Q: Will there be anymore updates to the original?
A: No. Support for the original Physics Playground has ended.

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